5 Easy Steps to Eat Healthily on a Tight Budget

If you are a mystic, you definitely don’t need to spend much on your daily food, for mystics seem to be eating less and less. Let me prove my point by telling you a true story told by ParamahansaYogananda, the author of the “Autobiography of a Yogi.” In one chapter in his book, P. Yogananda related his visit to GiriBala, the woman yogini who never ate. GiriBala revealed to P. Yogananda her secret. She used a yogic technique that allowed her to recharge her body using cosmic energy from nature. Just like the way the leaves of the plants transform solar energy into food, GiriBala likewise transformed cosmic energy into her neededenergy. P. Yogananda took pictures of GiriBala to ensure that this Indian mystic’s life would be properly documented for posterity.

The story of Giribala attests to the fact that if you know how to harness the universal energy around you, you will definitely have no need for solid food. Jesus likewise fasted for forty days and forty nights, and he surely knew how to transform cosmic energy into vital human energy.

Therese Neumann, another mystic, was visited by P. Yoganandain 1935to verify whetherthe news about her was true. Therese, according to the news, onlyate a sacred host every day. During P. Yogananda’s visit, Therese confirmed that indeed she only ate one sacred host a day as her daily food since 1923. Yet, according to P. Yogananda, Therese’s complexion did not even betray any sign of paleness or unhealthiness.

There are other countless verifiable stories that will readily show you that if you only know how to draw free energy from nature and from the universal life force that freely flows around you, you can stay healthy and fit even without eatingsolid food for a long time.

However, I don’t want you to starve yourselves like the abovementioned mystics. I just want you to see the invaluable point that there are some phenomena in this world that are really quite hard to understand and explain.

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“You are what You Repeatedly Eat”

Aristotle the great philosopher once said;“You are what you repeatedly do.”He said this to explain the character of every person as simply the combinations of all the person’s habits. Yet, I would rather say to you: “You are what you repeatedly eat.” What I mean is—the food you often eat determinesyour health and wellbeing. Having access to excessive food can really lead you into lavish eating. Often it is good to have a tight budget considering the fact that you will be inclined to buy more nutritious food if you are on a tight budget. If you are on a tight budget however, you can follow these simple tips on how you can eat healthily on a tight budget.

  • Cultivate your own garden. If you want to eat on a tight budget without compromising your health, you simply need to plant your own vegetables and fruits. Scientific research has shown that you don’t really need soil to cultivate your own veggie garden; you simply need to employ Aquaponics technology to have a thriving garden in your backyard. Vegetables and plants needminerals such as nitrate and phosphate that fish excrement can provide. If you can employ the Aquaponics integrated system, you would surely have a garden and a fish pond at the same time in your backyard.
  • Prioritize eating healthy food. You will be surprised that most superfoods areinexpensive. In fact, you can even get some of these superfoods for free. Some powerhouse foods are less known, and therefore less expensive. Hence, you simply need to figure out what these powerhouse foodsare,and add them to your daily diet.
  • Eat only what your body needs and not what your palate is craving for. It is an obvious fact that if you eat only what your body needs, you will soon reduce your meal budget. The reason for this is that you will only buy vegetables and a few slices of meat and fish. Moreover, you will do away with those foodsthat your body doesn’t need.
  • You can always go to a local farmer’s market and get your share of freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. You can alsoask your local farmers for organic and seasonal products that are healthy and less expensive.
  • Lastly, you must discipline yourself. There is no sure way to reduce your budget on your meal than to develop self-discipline. M. Scott Peck, once said: “Love is disciplined.” If you love yourself, you will surely discipline yourself. Many diseases and illnesses stem from lack of self-discipline, especially, in matters of eating. However, many people readily cringe at the sound of the word “discipline” as if the word is like a contagious disease. Yet, discipline is necessary, especially, in matters of eating. Diseases, like diabetes and high cholesterols are just indicative of the lack of discipline in a person’s eating habits. So, if you want to stay healthy, you simply have to develop a highly disciplined eating habit.

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