Be on the Winning Side of Life by Practicing the 2-minute Power Meditation Technique

The universe is simply made of energy, and energy just flows around and within you. Some forms of energy flow in your favor, enabling you to achieve great things;while other forms of energywork against you, emotionally sapping and depressing you, depriving you ofthe needed vitality to succeed in life.

The Four Dramas of Life

You are definitely not a recluse in this world. You constantly relate with other people, and the people you relate with havetheir own forms of energy. Some people have very negative energy, while others exude positive energy. Likewise, some people are like “dementors” from Azkaban of the Harry Potter’s Books, capable of sapping your energy and happiness.These people often play out their own peculiar dramas in life, and if you are not aware of these dramas, you may fall prey to these dramas and end up losing your energy.There are basically four known psychological dramas in life that people play out to draw out the energy from you.

  • The first drama is the “Poor-me Effect.”This form of drama is characterized by someone who always projectsthat he is victim. Every time this person acts out his drama, he unwittingly draws out the energy of those around him, and often if you are living with this kind of person, you would end upbeing enervated because of this person’s drama.
  • The second drama is the“intimidator effect.” People with this kind of drama tend to sap your energy by intimidating and antagonizing you. Hence, you should be wary of this kind of people.
  • The third kind of drama is the“interrogator effect.” People who play out this drama draw out your energy by asking you too many annoying questions to make you lose your composure.
  • Lastly, there is the “aloof effect.” If you are in a relationship with this type of person, you will end up often enervated, because every time you have a misunderstanding with this person, this person tends to stay aloof. By being aloof, this person sapsyour energy leaving you frazzled and depressed.

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How Limiting Beliefs and Negativities also Sapyour Energy?

Aside from the people who playout different forms of dramas in life, there are also limiting beliefs and programsthat you haveto overcome every day. These limiting beliefs are mental programs that gnaw on your self-confidence. These limiting beliefs likewise hinder you from achieving great things in life.

The Need to Replenish Your Energy with the 2 Minute Power Meditation Technique

As explained earlier, you can easily lose your energy as you relate with other people because other people have the power to draw out your energy. Hence, you need to constantly replenish your energy by drawing in new supply of energy. The “two minute power meditation technique” is one of the proven ways by which you can replenish your energy.
If you feel that you are low in energy, you can always tweak your mind toward a positive frame of mind via the practice of the two minute power meditation technique. By imbibing this mental habit, you can access the inexhaustible source of energy. Moreover, even if other people would try to sap your energy, you can always immediately replenish your energy via the practice of this technique, enabling you to be always on the winning side of life.

Two Minute Meditation Technique

The two minute meditation technique is easy to perform. It is just a simple relaxation technique wherein you try to regulate your breathing. You can practice this technique anywhere and anytime. First, you should start with a good body posture thatallows you to regulate your breathing. Then, you can relax your mind and try to set your brainwaves into the alpha brainwave pattern or the relaxed mental state. As you regulate your breathing, your nerves will relax and your mind will automatically switch to the alpha brainwave pattern. In this relaxed state, you should visualize that you are drawing in life energy from the atmosphere. Maintain your mind in this state for two minutes. Afterwards, you can go back to whatever you are doing, refreshed and replenished with vital energy.

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