Mystical and Spiritual Abilities of your Third Eye

It is the rule of life and nature that anything that is not used atrophies. Your muscles atrophy without exercise, and your brain cells likewise. The pineal gland—referred to as the human third eye—will also lose its functionality if you fail to nourish and decalcify it.

Most people are not aware of their “third eye,” and many still are deluded into believing that this world is the onlyplane of existence. Yet, religions and well-known philosophers would definitely tell you that there are many planes of existence and two of these planes of existence are the spiritual and the material planes. You would never realize that you are a soul in a material body if you are inured to the material excesses of life. Nearsighted enough, you would often never feel that your holistic development entails nourishing your spirit and body at the same time.

Yet, there is only one way you can nourish your soul, and that way is by keeping your pineal gland or third eye open for the spiritual energy to flow naturally into your being. Calcified, your pineal gland becomes inactive channel of grace and spiritual energy. Your pineal gland however becomes a vigorous channel of grace and blessings to you if it is decalcified and active.

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Why Does the Third Eye Appear to Be Mystical?

The third eye, the spiritual eye,the seventh chakra, or the eye of faith is your gateway to higher consciousness. Once activated, your third eye opens up a new and different horizon of pure consciousness. Since it is a channel by which the universal energy flows into your being, it helps you revitalize your body and spirit, providing you with health, vigor, and spiritual strength.

It also helps you see beyond time and space. If you are a person who avidly engages in meditation and astral travel, you would readily realize that the third eye opens you up to the spiritual plane of existence and to a higher consciousness. In the spiritual plane of existence, time and space are non-essential; hence with your third eye open, you can readily pierce with ease through the time and space fabrics; and for this reason; you can alsodo astral projection and astral travel in split second.

This ability to pierce through time and space fabrics allows you to understand the world and life better. Padre Pio, ParamahansaYogananda, Babaji (the deathless yogi), Jesus, Moses, Buddha, and many more mystics were often seen in different places, attesting to the fact that with their third eye open, they were able to pierce through time and space fabrics.

Unhampered by space and time, you would surely elicit psychic powers that the ordinary people would often not understand. You’ll have prescience, ESP, astral travel ability, greater intuition, enlarged consciousness, and most of all wisdom.

Yet, the most mystical aspect of the third eye is its ability to let you see beyond the trappings of the material world. The world is simply “Maya” or an illusion in Hindu and Buddhism. The material world is simply the different manifestations of the universal energy. Yet, often you would believe that it is the only reality. With an open third eye, you would gradually discover eternal truths. And always remember, “Truth is for the earnest seekers, and not for those of idle curiosity.” (Autobiography of a Yogi, p. 368).

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