The Amazing Health Benefits of Having a Cup of Warm Lemon Water Each Morning

Your body is like a machine that keeps on producing great things for you. Yet, just like any other machine, your body is subject to wear and tear; hence, you definitely need to do a regular maintenance of your body in the same manner that you would maintain a machine like your car. You can maintain your body in prime condition by developing healthful habits that are proven to be effective in keeping your body healthy and strong.

One great habit that you should imbibe is that of drinking three to four cups of water every morning right after you wake up. Most Japanesepeople used to practice this habit. Hence, they have the longest lifeexpectancy in the world. You can always take your cue from the Japanese long-lifers. Moreover, you canfurther enhance the healthful benefits of drinking three to four cups of water by adding lemon to the water.

Drinking warm water laced with lemon is proven to be very beneficial to the wellbeing of any person, and here are some of the benefits concomitant with drinking warm water mixed with lemon right after you wake up.

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  • First, it acts as a natural flush. The liver, as a vital organ in cleansing your body, starts to function vigorously when you are asleep. As you soundly sleep, your liver detoxifies and cleanses your blood of harmful materials. Hence, drinking enough water with lemon early in the morning helps your liver flush out the toxins it had collected when you were asleep. Moreover, the presence of lemon juice in the water that you drink replenishesyourliver with its needed nutrients.
  • Water with lemon also helps in digestion, especially, in the absorption of iron. Anemia is one of the health problemsthat is widely experienced by many people around the world. To counteract the onset of anemia, you need iron. Yet, for iron to be readily absorbed in your system, it has to be paired with Vitamin C. Lemon can readily supply your need for vitamin C, for lemon is 51% vitamin C.
  • It boosts the immune system. Lemon first became popular onboard the ships of early explorers. Most early sailors used to develop scurvy due to lack of vitamin C. Hence, to counteract the onset of scurvy, these sailors made it a habit to bring large amount of lemon onboard their ships.
  • It helps you maintain your ideal weight. Gwyneth Paltrow, for example, often drinks warm water with lemon every morning, and it seems that Ms. Paltrow is very effective in maintaining her ideal body weight. Moreover, experts say that drinking water with lemon reduces bloating. They likewise say that vitamin C is very effective in burning fats.
  • It lowers the risk of stroke. This is an obvious benefit of drinking water with lemon. On the one hand, water cleanses the body and maintains the homeostasis of the cells. On the other hand, lemon helps in burning fats and cleanses the blood by helping the liver flush out toxins. Hence, the American Heart Associationcategorically said that those who ate higher amount of citrus fruits manifest 19% lower risk of developing ischemic stroke.

Keeping your body in healthy condition is your primary obligation in life, because your body is your greatest asset. Hence, it is not superfluous to say that you should readily imbibe any good habit that is proven to keep your body healthy and strong.

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