The Detrimental Effects of Fluoride and Why You should Immediately Stop Ingesting It

The old adage says, “Knowledge is power!” If you are in possession of great knowledge, you are indeed powerful. Yet, where can you find real knowledge? Half-truths are always peddled aroundas if they are absolute truths, and most of us believe a truth on account of the authority that pronounces that truth.

The Propaganda Minister of Adolf Hitler,Joseph Goebbels, once said: “A lie told over and over again becomes truth.” Some leaders took cue from Goebbels’ idea, and became its staunch practitioners. Even business ownerslikewiseunwittingly employGoebbels’ idea nowadays. So where do you stand now if most so-called truths are just propagandas?

If you are really desirous of getting hold of real knowledge, you have to be keen in distinguishing between half-truths and genuine truths.

The Half-truth about Fluoride

You have long believed, without even verifying, that fluoride is indeed instrumental in keeping your teeth healthy. Yet, reason would readily tell you that youdefinitely don’tneed any fluoride to keep your teeth healthy.In fact, you simply need a healthy diet to keep your teeth strong and healthy.The excavators of Pompeii have definitely proven this point. Pompeii is the famous well-preserved Ancient Roman city that got covered by ash falls and volcanic materials during the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD. The excavators who dug into the city had found that most well-preserved skeletons buriedin Pompeii have perfect teeth. They figured out that it was not fluoride that kept the teeth of the Ancient Romans healthy, but the kind of food that the Ancient Romans used to eat.

Nowadays, we have fluoride added to our tap water; yet, there are still plenty of people with unhealthy teeth. Does thisfactunmask the half-truthpeddled around about fluoride?

Acute Toxicity and Chronic Toxicity of Fluoride

A quick look at the properties of fluoride will readily allow youto see that fluoride is a highly toxic substance and can cause adverse effects on your health. In fact, if you look at fluoride’s acute toxicity (the dose that has immediate adverse toxic consequences), you will readily discover that fluoride is even more toxic than lead. This fact should definitely alarm you. However, it is not enough to consider the acute toxicity of fluoride; you should also know the chronic toxicity (continuous ingestion) of fluoride.

Harmful Effects of Chronic Ingestion of Fluoride

Fluoridation or adding fluoride totap water is practiced worldwide by most governments under the guise that it protects the teeth of their citizens. This means that most people—under governments that allow fluoride to be added to their tap water—are exposed to the health symptoms concomitant with the frequent and chronic ingestion of fluoride.

Fluoride affects other tissues of your body aside from your teeth. Studies and scientific reviews have confirmed that fluoride disrupts endocrine processes, and these disruptions affect not only the teeth, but also the brain, bones, thyroid glands, and pineal gland. In fact, fluoride is the main culprit in the calcification of your pineal gland, and this calcification definitely has adverse effects on both your physiological, psychologicaland spiritual wellbeing.

The most affected people by fluoridation are those who are living in the underdeveloped countries, for most developed countries had already stopped the fluoridation of their tap water. Furthermore, the abovementioned side-effects of fluoridehadprodded the Union of Scientists in Washington D.C. to state that “water fluoridation poses an unreasonable risk.”

Fluoride has been found to affect the brain in many studies involving humans as well as animals. It also affects the IQ of children, and is a causative factor in the development of dementia.Researches also revealedthat chronic ingestion of fluoride can cause arthritic symptoms and even bone fracture.

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The Narrow Gap between Therapeutic Dose and Toxic Dose

The safety standard that is set for the use of fluoride is based on the dose that can cause crippling skeletal fluorosis and severe dental fluorosis. However, it will be very difficult to conduct a study on fluoride’s chronic toxicity. Currently, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) suggests that the recommended fluoride dose that isnot harmful to humans with the age of eight and above is 10 milligrams per day. Yet, this is also the dose that can cause symptoms of skeletal fluorosis. Hence, it seems that this recommended dose is definitelyquestionable. Moreover, each person hasdifferent susceptibility to fluoride’s toxicity.Hence, it is obvious that the manageable dose peddled around by IOM is arbitrarily dangerous, for the margin of difference between the so-called therapeutic dose and toxic dose is quite narrow.

Other Acknowledged Side Effects of Fluoride

Other acknowledged side-effects of continuous ingestions of fluoride include increased absorption of lead, disruption of collagen synthesis, hyperactivity, thyroid disease, arthritis, bone fractures, dementia, muscle disorders, diminished thyroid functions, inhibitions of antibodies, deactivation of different enzymes, bone cancer,genetic damage on cells, disrupting of immune system, increase tumor rate and damaged fertility.

Lastly, it calcifies the pineal gland, and hence, it literally deprives you of the use of your pineal gland which is your acknowledged “third eye.”Given all these side-effects of fluoride, it definitely behooves you and every one of us to stop ingesting anything which contains fluoride.

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