The Hypnotic and Brainwashing Effects of Television and Why We Should Limit Ourselves on How Much Time We Stare at Screens

Machiavelli keenly recognized the fact that the elite and the ruling class often consider the masses as inert. He also succinctly pointed out that the “government is often no longeran instrument for attaining a good life, but it is only a dynamic, amoral entity or force,” and as an amoral force, it often works insidiously to keep its citizens entertained and subdued so that they will not feel dissatisfied with the government. This insidious programing of the minds of the citizens is a subtle brainwashing.

Do Contemporary Governments Subtly Employ Brainwashing Using Mass Media?

Joseph Goebbels once said: “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”Goebbels was right, for if you are not naïve, you will readily recognize that governments have tremendous power to dictate and control the minds of their citizens.You will also recognize that each government utilizes this tremendous power without their citizens knowing it.

But up to what extent does the government use this power? If you were in China, or any other communist country, you will readily notice the extent of brainwashing that the government employs on its citizens. However, if you are in a so-called democratic society, you will barely notice this brainwashing, because the brainwashing processes in democratic countries are more subtle and more refined.

How Do the Governments and the Elite Brainwash the Ordinary Citizens?

Schools are the primary places forteachingnew ideas and learning. Hence, in schools, brainwashing can occur, and for this reason, schools can be a powerful tool for brainwashing. The other potent mental programming tool is that of the mass media such as television, radio, newspaper, movies, books, magazines, and internet. The ruling elite and the elite that own big corporation do control the mass media. Hence, they control a powerful tool for influencing and programing the consciousness of the masses. They just have to assiduously employ the idea of Goebbels which says: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

The best way to employ brainwashing is to keep the subjects unaware that the environment in which they live and exist is being controlled. The subtler the lie, the more effective it will be.

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The Tavistock Institute

In the 1920, the Tavistock Clinic was established and this seminal institute became the center of behavioral and mind control studies. With the help of the Rockefeller Foundation, the institute gained enough financing to engage in studies of anthropology, politics, and other psychological studies. At present, it now consists of 10 institutions with around several billion dollars budget. Some of the discoveries and findings of the Institute are now subtly employed by governments and the corporate-owning elite.

How does the Television Condition the Subconscious Mind?

People around the world have been addicted to watching television. In fact, in the West, people spend around four hours a day watching television on the average. Around 99% of households in the US own one televisions, and in most of these households, televisions are kept open for almost 6 to 7 hours a day on the average. Hence, almost everybody develops addiction to watching television, and this addiction definitely starts right after a person is born.

One of the greatest discoveries of the 19th century was the subconscious mind, which was first positedby Sigmund Freud. The subconscious mind, according to studies, is faster than the conscious mind, and operates according to the subconscious programs infused into it as a person grows. Hence, the subconscious mind is the usual target of those who are engaged in brainwashing.

In a six-week long experiment conducted in a New Jersey movie theater involving almost forty thousand people, a quick advertisement flashed on the movie screen,and this adcontainedmessages about two products that were available at the lobby everyday. The advertisement however, were invisible to the naked eye. At the end of six weeks, the sales of the two products rose by 50% and 20% respectively. The one who planned the experiment said that although the messages were invisible to the naked eye, the audience absorbed the impressions because the subconscious mind has the ability to absorb impressions even though these impressions are too fleeting enough to be absorbed by the conscious mind. If this experiment have been proven to be effective in conditioning the mind of the movie watchers in New Jersey, this kind of experiment can also be employed by unscrupulous people who control television broadcasting.

Who Controls Television Broadcasting?

The government and the elite controls most television broadcasting; hence, they can readily utilize the television tosubtly infuse programs into the subconscious mindsof the ordinary citizens without the ordinary citizens consciously knowing about it. This fact is definitely frightening to know, and you and I really don’t know how much programing the governments and the elite had already employed in the past to control and create programs in our minds to make us subservient to their control and design. Now that you know how gullible and vulnerable we are to these brainwashing schemes, would you still keep on watching television or would you limit your time of watching television?

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