The Power of Creative Visualization and the Secrets of the Law of Attraction

Are you always in the losing end of everything? Is your business endeavor not working well? Are you getting sickly? Are you lonely? Are you always a failure? If your answer is “yes” to all these questions, then you really got a problem. You may be attracting negative energies into your life, and these negativities are overburdening your life and making it miserable.

The Universe is Energy

The universe is composed of energy! In fact, Einstein’s formula E = mc 2is simply a proof that everything is energy. Yet, energy can either work for you or against you. Now, Einstein also said that “imagination is everything.” What he meant is—you got the power to creatively visualize the future, and thiscreative visualization is definitely not a futile exercise; it is, in fact, a very powerful mental exercise that can radically turn your life around.

The Law of Attraction: Does it Really Exist?

The whole universe is kept in place because of the law of attraction. In fact, the law of attraction is a universal law. It keeps the Milky Way intact. The Solar System likewise is held by the law of attraction, and even your mind is subject to the law of attraction. Your mind has energy and it can likewise attract. It attracts what you often think about most, and it always moves towards what it thinks about most.

But your mind has two spheres—the conscious and the subconscious. You are aware of the conscious part of your mind; but you are only partially aware of the subconscious part of your mind. However, it is the subconscious part of your mind that constitutes your deepest mental habits and mental programs. Whatever your subconscious mind dictates, usually manifests in reality. Hence, your subconscious mind is obviously toopowerful in your life.

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Negative Subconscious Programs also Attract Negativities

The subconscious mind likewise works automatically; hence, it is scary and spooky too! It is very much scary if your subconscious mind is filled with negative programs, for it would automatically attract negativities into your life. The subconscious programs of your mind are energies, and for this reason, you should be very careful of whatever programs you infuse into your subconscious mind.

Often most of the programs in your subconscious mind were instilled there during your growing-up process. Hence, more often, you are no longer aware of these programs. Yet, these programs still work insidiously at the back of your mind, and these programsare still configuring your life accordingly.

Is there a Way you can Alter the Negative Programs of your Subconscious Mind?

Yes, there is a way to change your subconscious programming! You can alter your negative subconscious programs by making use of the law of attraction and creative visualization.Negative subconscious programs are negative mental habits, and you can change negative mental habits by developing the opposite positive mental habits.

The most potent way of changing your negative mental habits is by engaging in creative visualization. As said earlier, your mind moves towards what you think about most. Hence, if you creatively visualize good things for yourself, you are definitely creating new positive mental habits in your subconscious mind. Using creative visualization, you can suffuse your mind with positive mental programs.

Yet, visualization is not the end in itself. Instead, you should also engage in positive affirmation, wherein you would affirm to yourself that whatever you’ve visualized would surelymanifest itself in your life. There are various steps on how to creatively visualize and harness the power of the Law of Attraction, and if you are eager for these steps, you would not be far off from attracting good things into your life.

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