Three Proven Steps to Activate Your Third Eye

“Does every person really have a third eye?” This question is often asked by those who have not yet experienced how the third eye works. Yes, indeed you have a third eye and you need to activate it if you want to have a holistic existence.

If you would take a look, for example, at the countless pedestrians that walk the busy streets of New York or London or any major urban center of the world, you would readily feel that humans are quite restless and there is something amiss in the setup of their world. Humans want happiness and peace, yet most of them are looking for happiness and peace in the wrong places. However, unknowingly, deep within your brain is a “third eye,” a pineal gland that needs to be kept active in order for you to understand the essentials of life and greater peace and happiness.

If you are a believer in the idea that there is evil and good in the world, you would certainly feel that evil (darkness) is working hard to overcome goodness (light). Yet, evil, according to Thomas Aquinas is simply the absence of goodness. Aquinas surely had a point, for with an inactive third eye, darkness sets in. Likewise, the dark side will certainly be working hard to deny you access to life force or universal energy. Once your third eye is inactive, you would simply be living in darkness and you are definitely denied from accessing the life-giving universal energy.

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Three Valuable Ways to Open Your Third Eye

“But how do I keep my third eye active?” you would ask. It’s a good thing that you are asking this question, for it only means that you are eager for the truth. The truth is your third eye (pineal gland) gradually calcifies as you age. Yet, there are easy ways on decalcifying your third eye; you simply have to learn them by heart.

1.First, you should figure out which substances are causing the calcification of your pineal gland which is believed to be your “third eye.”The pineal gland starts to calcify even at an early age of two, and this calcification process reaches its peak at the age of seventeen. It is a curious thing that the age of seventeen almost corresponds to the average age when most teenagers lose their innocence in life. Fluoride is the number one culprit in the calcification of the pineal gland. However, most governmentsusually lacetheir tap water with fluoride, under the guise that fluoride helps protect teeth. Avoid fluoride therefore at all cost. You should also avoid other substances such as mercury, calcium, and chlorine for these substances likewise cause the pineal gland to calcify. Additionally, you should also avoid radiation from your mobile phone because it also contributes to the calcificationof your pineal gland. Knowing which substances to avoid, the next thing you should do is to know how toproactively decalcify your pineal gland. You can decalcify your third eye by eating natural food such as fish oil, raw chocolate, garlic, oregano oil, iodine, tamarind, distilled water, activator X like vitamin K1/K2 that readily combine with vitamins A and D3, a dose of melatonin, iodine, citric acid, and other natural food rich in chlorophyll.

2.The next vital step to activate your third eye is to daily practice creative visualization and positive affirmation. Like a clogged pipe, your pineal gland or third eye begins to unclog itself once you immerse yourself in creative visualization. Positive visualization can harness your third eye, allowing you to attract universal energy into your being.

3.Lastly, you can activate your third eye by practicing yoga or daily meditation. Yoga can enable you to switch on your third eye in the same manner that you would switch on a light switch. It is the unscientific way of forcing your third eye to open, allowing life force or universal energy to suffuse your whole being.

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