Unlocking Your Inner Power to Self-heal

A cursory look at the classical writings of some great spiritual and inspirational authors will readily reveal to you thegreat idea that you possess an innate ability to heal yourself. The Latin adage “Menssana in corporesano,” for example, which means“Sound mind in sound body” suggests that if youhave a sound mind, you will also have a sound body. Jesuslikewise said that if you have faith as big as the mustard seed, you can almost do anything. In fact, you can even move mountains. Other well-known inspirational authors like Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone, Andrew Matthews, andParamahansaYoganandamoreover concurred in saying that “what the mind can conceive and believe, the body can achieve.”Furthermore, Albert Einstein, the greatest mind that ever graced this planet,also said:“Imagination is everything.”

Yet, are all these intimations from these great men just a figment of their imagination?Or are we simplymissing the self-evident truth thatweare indeed capable of doing great things like self-healing?

The ExistentialProblem of Disease and Death

It is a great privilege to be alive, for life is indeed mysterious and beautiful. Yet, there is an existential angst that always hounds each person, and that angstis the dreadof sickness and death. The human body is very fragile. If one deadly virus, for example,lodges itself inside your body and stubbornly stays there and multiplies, it can make you sick for a lifetime.

Are You Really Capable of Self-healing?

Knowledgeis power, and if you are equipped with the right knowledge, you can perform great wonders. In fact, you can even engage in self-healing. Self-healing has been frowned upon by many people for its lack of scientific basis. Yet, not everything is demonstrable via scientific experiments. In fact, almost all great theories of Einstein were not products of his experimentation, but of his imagination. The important thing, however, is that you are cognizant of the tremendous powers within you, and one of these powers is your inner ability to self-heal.

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Our Innate Power to Self-Heal

Napoleon Hill once said: “What the mind can conceive and believe, the body can achieve.” Surely, he did not say this to hoodwink you into believing a half-truth. Similarly, Jesus would definitely not say that if you have faith as big as a mustard seed, you can move mountains, if he was not convinced about this truth. Moreover, Einstein would surely not cajole you into believing that imagination is everything, if he had not mulled that idea over many times in his mind. But why do these great men keep on telling you that you can almost do anything using your mind?

Spontaneous Remissions

A quick look at the Spontaneous Remission Project of 3,500 case studies of severe cancer patients shows that the reasonsbehind the spontaneous healing of patients with seemingly irreversible cases of cancersare often hard to pinpoint. Medical scientists are likewise baffled bythe spontaneous healings of seriously ill people.Moreover, medical scientists saythat the factors behindmost of these spontaneous remissions are often obscure and unexplainable.

Diseases as Symptomatic of Deeper Problems

Diseases are often symptomatic of inner conflicts. Most diseases are rootedinthe mind and in the blockages in the channels of energy within your body. Energy flows in and around your body, and any blockage in the channels of energy surely manifest itself in the form of sickness or malady. Hence, there is often a need to cleanse and remove these blockages that are hindering the free flow of energy within your body to effect self-healing within your body. Here are some proven ways on how you can enable your bodyto self-heal.

  • First, you can self-healby focusing your mind on goodthings and by creatively visualizing the healing process that you would like to take place. Always remember that what your mind can conceive and believe, your body can achieve. Likewise, the mind is like a magnet that attracts what it thinks about most. Hence, you should always do away with negative thoughts and ensure that you focus only on positive thoughts so that you can attract health and wellbeing.
  • Second, you should engage in autosuggestions. By constant autosuggestions, you can gradually change the negative programs of your subconscious mind, and eventually turn them into positive programs.
  • Third, you should have a good reason to be healed and you should convince yourself about this one good reason. Victor Frankl, survived through the terrible years of the Holocaust because he had one good reason to survive—he wanted to see his wife again. Hence, if you have a good reason to heal yourself, you are definitely putting yourself in a better position for self-healing.
  • Lastly, you should regularly engage in constant meditation to enable the free-flowing universal energy or life force to suffuse your body. When you engage in meditation, you are setting your brainwaves intothe alpha brainwave pattern. The alpha brainwave pattern is the most relaxed mental state. At this state, your mind is not limited by time and space. You can likewise visualize and pierce through the future while your mind is at this state. Hence, once your mind is at the alpha state, you can affect and configure the future according to what you really want to happen.

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