Who is Monsanto and What Are the Shocking Truths Behind their Chemical Influence in Our Food Chain?

If there is an evil index that can be used to rank and create a list of most evil companies around the world, one corporationwill surely be on the top of this list, and that corporation is Monsanto Corporation. This megacorporation, in its long existence of almost a century, has always been outperforming its competitors. The reason for this is that it knows very well how to wield its powerful political clout and connections.

Monsanto hadexplored and ventured into innovative experiments that had inadvertently harmed the planet and the food chain of the world. However, in its long years of existence, it has always been able to wiggle its way around any lawsuit that has been filed against it.

But who is Monsanto and why is it that Monsanto Corporation is tagged as the “most evil corporation” in the history of the world?

Monsanto the Unethical Corporation

John Francis Queeny, a member of the Knights of Malta, founded this corporation in 1901. He was married to Olga Mendez Monsanto, andhe named the company after Olga’s last name. The first product of the company was saccharin, an artificial sweetener that Monsanto sold to Coca Cola.A case against the use of saccharin were filed at the onset. Moreover, Harvey Washington Wiley, the mind behind the passage of Pure Food and Drug,had already warned Theodore Roosevelt about the danger of the use of saccharin. Roosevelt, however, just brushed aside the warning of Wiley, and even caused Wiley to resign. Hence, at the onset, the case against saccharin was lost, opening up for Monsanto a floodgate for more lies and deceptions againstthe ordinary consumers.

The unsuspecting public had long been hoodwinked into believing that aspartame or saccharin is safe. Some so-called findings of Monsanto’s sponsored researchhad shown this substance is safe. However, FDA’s own scientific research had clearly shown that this substance is a cancer-causing substance; studies on animals also had shown that saccharin can cause tumors and holes in the brains of animals such as rats.

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How Monsanto Uses its Political Clout?

Monsanto partnered with G.D Searle to produce its own studies on aspartame. To grease and strengthened its political lobbying, G.D. Searle appointed Donald Rumsfeld as CEO. Monsanto’s goal in hiring Rumsfeld was to increase its political influence so that it can grease the FDA to play along with what Monsanto wanted. A dispute arose between FDA commissioner Dr. JereGoyan and Rumsfeld in the 80s, because Dr. Goyan was about to acquiesce and sign a petition to remove aspartame off the market. Rumsfeld, using his political connection, called Pres. Reagan, and immediately after, Dr. Goyan was replaced by Dr. Arthur Hayes Hull as head of FDA.

With huge income from saccharin, Monsanto expanded into drugs and industrial and chemical industries, making it the largest producer of acetylsalicylic acid and aspirin. It also produced plastic, sulfuric acid, synthetic fiber and polystyrene which are all harmful to the environment. It also formerly produced highly controversial products such as the insecticide DDT, Agent Orange, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and bovine growth hormones. Aware of the deadly effect of PCBs, Monsanto criminally hid documents that showed that PCBs are harmful to the public. Fifty years after continuously poisoning animals, humans and the environment, Monsanto stopped producing PCB because PCB was banned in the US and other countries.

In 1940s, Monsanto worked with the Manhattan Project to produce the first atomic bomb. It greatly contributed to the research on uranium, and this research culminated in the production of the atomic bombs which were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It also produced pesticides for agriculture which contained dioxin. Unknown to many, dioxin can contaminate water and food supplies. A short exposure to dioxin can cause skin lesions and altered liver functioning.Moreover, long-term exposures can cause impairment of the nervous system, immune system, reproductive functions, and endocrine system.

In the 1960s, Monsanto partnered with DOW Chemical and produced Agent Orange, a dioxin-laced herbicide and defoliant used in the invasion of Vietnam. Millions of people were contaminated by Agent Orange. Monsanto was litigated about the effects of dioxin; in turn, it presented researches that it sponsored, proving that dioxin is safe and is not injurious to health. Monsanto came out unscathed in this litigation. However, the succeeding investigation showed that Monsanto lied on its research, and that it perfectly knew that dioxin is indeed detrimental to people and the environment.

Monsanto and Congressional Lobbying

If there is one corporation that had mastered the art of political lobbying, it will be Monsanto Corporation. First, it lobbied the US congress and the United States Department of Agriculture about rules and regulations that affect the production and eventual distribution of products that are genetically engineered. Monsanto spent millions of dollars to achieve its purpose. In 2011 alone, it spent 6.3 million dollars. Many US diplomats had also worked for Monsanto. In 2008, it spent around 8.8 million dollars for congressional lobbying. It also contributed to federal candidates both Democrats as well as Republicans. In 2012, it spent around 8.1 million dollars to oppose the Proposition 37 in the state of California. The Proposition 37 would have mandated transparency and disclosure of information about any genetically modified crop in California. As a member of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), it contributes a sizeable amount of money to the lobbying initiatives of that organization.

Lawsuits after lawsuits were filed against Monsanto, and more often, Monsanto came out unscathed and unaffected. Monsanto played well its card, and its monstrous deceptions had really affected millions of lives. The expanse of the effects of all the toxic products of Monsanto are immeasurable. Its effects on the food chain is definitely immense, and the lowly ordinary people are the ones who are victimized and suffering from such deliberate and devious undertakings of Monsanto to gain profits from such detrimental products.

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