It all started with a journey

Over 4 years, of researching how to reverse the calcification process

Antony and David

Were awoken to the wonders of the pineal gland through travel, where the Eastern focus of consciousness, or ‘inner spirituality’ as some would call it, has been revered over the Western focus of materialism.

From India, where Yogis practice Buddhism and daily meditation in the Ashrams;

China, where Zen monks contemplate peacefully in their mountain temples;

Peru, where the Amazonian shamans practice the holistic plant medicines and ceremonies for deep physical and psychological healing

It became incredibly clear that all these ancient traditions had a very real focus on consciousness, and it was something relatively unknown within the Western world.

This consciousness, they soon found out, stemmed from the pineal gland; something Western culture continues to disregard in its inherent focus on materialism, or the ‘physical world’. Carrying out a survey of 1,000 people shortly after their journeys, disturbingly, only 23% had heard of the pineal gland, and just over half of those had a vague clue as to what this important organ’s function was.

Of the people surveyed, it was common to find individuals wanted more than anything:

  • “peace of mind”
  • “to be happy”
  • “to have optimum health”

These are all states of mind which are cultivated from within, and from an active and healthy pineal gland!

Antony and David had an epiphany.

It was clear that in the modern world we live in, our Western lifestyle and habits are not conducive to a healthy, happy, and peaceful mind. The average diet, exercise, and stress we live with on a daily basis has left our pineal gland in a shocking state, hindering our ability to focus inward on our own consciousness, leaving us only with a focus for the ‘physical world’.

The drive to keep up appearances and be a ‘success’, hoping things will get better if they go through the motions, and one day miraculously wake up happy was now all too clear.

The pineal gland is commonly known as the ‘third eye’ in Eastern cultures, or the epiphysis cerebri, or conarium. It’s an incredibly important organ that produces melatonin, a derivative of serotonin, which helps regulate your sleeping patterns and sleep quality.

It simply is a part of your body that cannot be ignored for a healthy life.

With age the pineal gland becomes calcified, causing calcium phosphate to develop over the gland. This basically stops the pineal gland from functioning properly, causing sluggishness, poor sleep cycles, and inhibiting our ability to focus inward on our consciousness.

Over the past 4 years, Antony and David have been researching how to reverse the calcification process of the pineal gland to not only bring it back to its natural state, but also functioning at its optimum level. Through a combination of ingredients taken together, they have made the first solution to decalcifying the pineal gland, and this creation is called Pineal Cleanse.