Pineal Cleanse

Combining the highest quality raw organic ingredients, PINEAL CLEANSE is specially formulated to aid your natural defenses, and to dissolve and expel dangerous metal and calcium build-ups in your body, specifically targeting the build-up of calcium which encases your pineal gland. These essential ingredients further help to support the ongoing health of your pineal gland and assist your body in healthy redistributing of calcium to the areas where it is needed, such as your bones and teeth.

PINEAL CLEANSE will also help to detox all the organs in the body and promote not only a healthy, vibrant body, but also your cognitive functioning.

We recommend starting with three months of daily use to help your body excrete the heavy metals and toxins that settle in your pineal gland.
The typical modern western life style can often promote an unhealthy diet you may find it necessary to continue taking Pineal Cleanse especially if you like to enjoy the occasional drink or cant always make time to eat freshly prepared home cooked organic foods.
As with all detoxes you may also feel it necessary to repeat your detox on occasion, pay attention and listen to your body you will be the best judge of this.